International Trade

Welcome to the BBX world of International Cashless Trading...

List, Buy, Sell and navigate International trading opportunities. Your business may want to open or expand in India, Malaysia or Costa Rica, you may have products that are suitable in any BBX operated country. The cost of International expansion or distribution may inhibit many businesses from doing so.

Well, Via the BBX Cashless Global Payment Platform the opporunities for International Business are simplified and cost effective. Members can now list and search For International opportunities:

1. Stock for sale and wanted
2. Business for sale and wanted
3. Franchises for sale and wanted
4. Legal advice in different countries
5. Assistance with Visa and travel
6. International Vacations
7. International Networking
8. International Live Chat Room
9. Invest in Real Estate with your BBX Trade Dollar Deposit.

The list of BBX International advantages goes on and on. Enjoy the BBX OPPORTUNITY.

Michael Touma
Managing Director