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BBX is expanding nationally and Internationally via its Franchise Network. The trade industry is a white collar professional orientated Business.

BBX seeks applications from strong business minded professionals whom excell in Customer Service, New Business Development and Trading.

BBX manages the cashless buying and selling of goods and services for its members utilising the BBX Global Cashless Payment Platform”. 

BBX uses its own currency "BBX trade dollar", which has par or equal book value with the local currency, to assign value to transactions that take place between members. The exchange acts as a third party record keeper, similar to a bank, and trade is open and promoted between all exchange members rather than simply direct exchanging between two parties.

The role of a Franchisee is to recruit new members to the trading system and service their needs on a day-to-day basis. Opportunities exist in metropolitan Cities and Provinces, as well as Master Franchise possibilities throughout South East Asia and other parts of the world.

email: md@ebbx.com


Generally speaking, a potential franchisee might fit the following profile:
  • Most likely age group is 25 years plus, male or female.
  • White collar/professional background in industries such as finance, banking or insurance, real estate or similar retail experience.
  • Selling and service experience seen as beneficial but not essential.
  • Ability to successfully run and manage a business and people, and converse with business owners by phone and face to face.
  • Strong will to succeed, a degree of business maturity coupled with good communication skills.
  • A Business Development Manager
  • The cost to acquire a new BBX local franchise commences at $35,000 (Thiry five thousand dollars) plus appropriate goods and services tax. The intending franchisee is also likely to incur incidental expenses and legal costs in the course of finalising relevant franchise documentation.
  • Franchisees will recruit their own members (merchants) to the trading system and be responsible for day to day servicing of these clients from day one. They must substantiate their capacity to do this whilst the franchise business is being established, by employing suitable staff to assist them where considered necessary. 


  • This support is essential if the franchise business is to achieve its target growth in new members, unless sales support is recruited in which case the franchisee can assume the servicing role and leave sales targets for others to achieve. A degree of flexibility is available, as long as the chosen strategy achieves the results expected. 
  • Business must operate from established premises, not from home, which in the early stages can be a serviced office environment to minimise costs or other suitable business premises where available. Office sharing is only acceptable where the nature of the BBX business can be adequately secured and privacy and confidentiality of customer information protected.
  • Interest free line of credit in Trade dollars up to $25,000 to help with business start-up costs and promotion, to be reimbursed from trade dollar income generated by the franchise business.
  • Running a BBX franchise provides flexibility not normally found in salaried jobs.
  • Income potential largely unlimited - the franchisee controls the level of activity and degree of effort/return.
  • Dual income stream - new member introduction commissions and on-going trading commissions accrue to all franchisees.
  • Business system and benefits unique to the industry.
  • Sophisticated Customer Management System, developed over many years by BBX, Model can be applied to all industry segments, in both large and small businesses, so target market is basically unrestricted.


PHONE: 02 9499 1100
FAX: 02 9499 1199
EMAIL: headoffice@ebbx.com
WEB: www.ebbx.com